How One Man Discovered How To Lower The Cost Of Getting Solar Panels By Up To 85% & Produce Clean, Renewable Energy At Home

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The DIY Home Energy™ System Allowed Me To:

  • Lower The Cost Of Getting Solar Panels By Up To 85%
  • Produce Clean, Renewable Energy From The Sun
  • Power My Appliances, Electronics, and Devices With Solar Power

With DIY Home Energy™...

Save On Solar Panels & Generate Solar Power

The DIY Home Energy™ system shows people how to save up to 85% on a solar panel system.

Savings like this are possible because instead of buying an overpriced solar panel system from a solar retailer, the DIY Home Energy™ system teaches people how to:

  • Get all of a solar panel systems parts from solar wholesalers for big discounts
  • Then how to put together a professional quality solar panel system with those parts

The initial setup cost for the DIY Home Energy™ system will be significantly less than if you bought the same system from a solar panel retailer.

And once you setup the DIY Home Energy™ system, it will continue to produce clean, renewable energy because your solar panels will convert (free) energy from the Sun into usable electricity.

You can then use this electricity to power your devices, appliances, and electronics.

The DIY Home Energy™ system also shows you how to create the system you want and is not a "one size fits all" system!

So if you want a small portable energy system for your camping trip, RV, or tailgate - you'll learn how to put together a system like this!

Or if you want to scale up the system to power something like a whole cabin - you'll learn how to do this as well!

With the DIY Home Energy™ system, you're in control of your power and we teach you how to create the system that meets your power needs...

...while saving you considerable amounts of money compared to buying that same system from a solar retailer!

Take A Look At What People Are saying about DIY Home Energy™...

Ed Thomas

We saved thousands on our solar panels with DIY Home Energy! Thank you for putting this System together so the "everyday man and woman" can use it! In my opinion, this is the #1 way for people to produce their own renewable power at home.*

Ed Thomas, Bakersfield, California
Frank Rodell

I'm not much of a DIY Guy but the DIY Home Energy System was very simple to follow. I got my solar panel system up and running in one Saturday evening. This make solar panels so much cheaper and accessible for everyone now.*

Frank Rodell, Lakewood, Colorado
Emily Lamport

I always thought being self-sufficient and producing my own power at home was too costly or difficult, but your system changed all of that! I now have my own reliable, solar energy system that keeps producing all of the power my family and I need!*

Emily Lamport, Jacksonville, Florida

*Testimonial Disclaimer: The testimonials above are real and were written by people who actually used the DIY Home Energy™ system. Please take into consideration that these testimonials do not necessarily represent typical results and are based on the user's opinion. Results may vary.

Learn How To Create The System That Meets Your Energy Needs

Whatever Size System You Want, Whether Big Or Small, The DIY Home Energy™ System Will Show You How To Create It & Set It Up

Portable Power System

This small and portable solar generator setup can be brought with you camping or to a tailgate. You'll be able to use this as a power source to keep your electronics and devices charged when you're away from home and not near an electrical plug.

Backup Solar and/or Wind Generator

Create a back-up power supply with solar and/or wind power. With this setup, you'll learn how to setup a battery bank to store the energy your system produces so you can use this energy at night or when you lose power.

Hybrid Grid-Tied System

With our "Plug and Play" Grid-Tied Setup, keep your home connected to the grid but supplement you power usage with solar power. No approval from your energy company needed. Just plug this setup into an electrical outlet and it's ready!

Off-Grid Setup

Power your off-grid cabin or RV with just solar power using our Off-Grid Setup. This setup should be used if your cabin or RV is completely off-grid and not tied into the energy grid. Depending on your energy needs, we will show you how to scale the system properly.